What are the latest gym machines, gizmos and techniques?

Fitness has always been one of the top priorities of many. Such high significance of fitness in your everyday routine helps you celebrate life. A lot of new designs for fitness equipment are proposed on a periodical basis. The International Health Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) is a time-honored platform for many gym manufacturers to display some of their new creations.


The undeniable need for new fitness equipment has helped in the consistent evolution of the global gym equipments manufacturing sector. Listed below are some of the latest gym machines and gizmos that can come to a gym near you. Read on...



Gizmos created by computer technologies


Computer technology, nowadays, is becoming an integral part of manufacturing and functioning of any gym equipment.


  • Nike’s Smart Feet is a radical innovation in the realm of gym gizmos. Smart Feet is footwear having special sensors that can send workout information and details to your iPod Nano. The details, further, can be downloaded on computer for analysis. In the past, such technologies were used outdoors only. However, a few tweaks have helped the technology become eligible to be used in gyms and indoor workout areas as well.


  • A cardio manufacturing company has successfully developed a group of software programs that helps track the progress of your cardio and strength-building sessions.


Fully loaded elliptical


With cutting-edge elliptical machines, you can easily change the pattern of your stride. The early models of the gym machine never allowed the transition to be smooth. With the advent of cutting-edge elliptical equipment, you can experience hassle-free transition in the stride patterns.


Resistance Training


The resistance training methods are not new, but their popularity has increased dramatically in the recent past. For carrying out excellent resistance training session, you can either opt for jump ropes or vertical beams.


All the above-named fresh gym trends, equipment and gizmos are gaining popularity.